5 Reasons To Go On a Yoga Retreat

Whether you are brand new to yoga, or a lifelong skilled yogi, attending a yoga retreat is an experience of a lifetime.

1. Deepen your yoga and spiritual practices:

+ Only in a yoga retreat setting, do you have the opportunity to live full time with your teacher, practice with them daily, and to dedicate a holistic 2-7 days to your yoga and spiritual practice. The retreat setting allows you to dive head first into your practice, to become curious about the possibilities of your body and mind, and to explore the depths of your practice, to grow and transform, on all levels of being.
+ A yoga retreat gives you a chance to get one on one with your instructor, to ask questions, to ask for support, assistance and to try and practice new things that you wouldn’t necessarily be able to in a regular 60-90 minute yoga class.

2. Meet amazing like-minded people:

+ Yoga retreats tend to attract very unique, beautiful and kindred spirits. Yoga retreats give you a chance to really get to know the people you are retreating with in a more intimate and loving setting than any other, and build deep, life-long friendships— sisters and brothers.
+ Experience a deep sense of connection; these people at retreats, they just get you. They are on the same path. They are passionate about the same things. They seek what you seek.
+ Some of my dearest friends are from all over the world that I have met at yoga retreats | yoga trainings. We keep in touch today, and many of them, I have met up with again after the retreat. I love my retreat siblings.

3. Experience a deep reset in life:

+ The nature of most yoga retreats are very empowering, transformational and deeply nourishing. It gives you the time and space to rejuvenate, recharge and reset in life.
+ You will leave feeling balanced, completely inspired, ecstatically motivated and devoted to your path and practice.

4. Deepen your connection to yourself:

+ Attending a yoga retreat is a large investment into yourself, your health, your wellbeing and your practice.
+ Embarking on a yoga retreat is a radical act of self-love, self care and self-honor.
+ It gives you the opportunity to reflect, meditate, and redirect your mind and energy to yourself.

5. It’s an opportunity to travel:

+ Whether it’s a solo international flight, a road trip with a bestie, or a short ride from your home, yoga retreats are a chance to travel. And when we travel, we are granted new landscapes, and a fresh perspective. We are taken away from our daily routines, and schedules, and maybe even away from our comfort zones. And that is where magic happens; just outside of the comfort zone. Check out our Yogi Travel Packing List.

If the above sounds absolutely amazing to you, add attending a yoga retreat to your bucket-list. Check out our Vancouver Island Yoga Retreats or your favourite yoga instructors, travel to your favourite places, make new lifelong yogi friends, deepen your practice, and connect deeply with yourself.

Is going on a yoga retreat on your bucket-list? Have you been on one before?
I want to hear about your yoga retreat experiences in the comment box below!

– Brit x

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