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Open, inspire and expand your heart. Intended for a heart-opening flow yoga practice or just steepin’ in the bliss of love.
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A soulful playlist for yoga, sipping a tea under the stars, intention setting, moon time and magic. 75 minutes of pure magic to inspire you, align you, and connect you to the cycles and rhythms of the moon, and nature.
Play now.heart_opening_flow_playlist A heart-opening flow yoga playlist to open your heart, get your heart pumpin’ and bursting with love. Fun, playful, but soulful playlist with songs from Coldplay to Ben Howard. Great to flow and breathe to. Suited for a 75 minute practice from start to savasana. x
Play now.inner_goddess_playlistA playlist to awaken, celebrate and nourish your inner goddess. Be soothed by both Sanskrit and English vibes. 90 minutes of goddess magic, great for yoga, your moon time, ritual, or just chillin! x
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Starting a meditation practice is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself. Meditation can offer you great benefits like greater states of relaxation, a sense of inner peace, improved concentration, improved sleep, intuitive and emotional intelligence, as well as overall greater experiences of connection to your True self peace, love, and bliss in your life.

How to Headstand | Sirsasana A
Safe and proper alignment for a supported headstand. This is the easiest version of the headstand.

Yoga Detox

A Yoga Detox practice to purify your body and mind from the inside out!

Enjoy twisting postures, abdominal compressions and powerful breathing to gently massage the digestive organs, improve circulation to the vital organs, and to support digestion, elimination and your bodies innate ability to purify!

Tune into your inner warrior! Experience warrior strength, power and flexibility in the mind, and in the lower body. Enjoy a sequence of yoga postures specifically designed to strengthen, tone and open the legs, and hips.

Yoga Core

Awaken your core and solar plexus with this core awakening yoga sequence. Tune into your inner power – stoke your inner fire, build core strength, improve posture, reduce lower back pain, enhance digestion.

Our true nature is bliss. That is the nature of the Self— bliss, or in Sanskrit, we call it Ananda. And that is the nature of humanity. The common thread between all beings; is that we strive to be happy and free from suffering.

In the philosophical map of yoga, there are 4 unique paths that lead us to the same destination – of bliss, moksha, liberation, enlightenment, and are driven by either the body, mind, heart and intellect.

Open Your Heart

A short heart opening yoga class to inspire, awaken and open your heart!

Enjoy asana poses aimed to open the chest, shoulders and upper back so you can experience freedom in your body, breathe more deeply and love more deeply.

The True Essence of Yoga

Coming from the west, the essence of yoga is often diluted, confused or hybridized into something that is not so it can be accessible to all, but in doing so perhaps it has lost it’s authenticity.

Yoga is not all about the asana. Here is what I know yoga to be, from it’s roots in India.

Waking Up Gently Yoga

Rise n’ shine, beautiful you! Start your day off the right way – with a few deep breaths and some gentle stretches. This short asana sequence will allow you to warm up and awaken the body and mind – even before coffee! Wake up gently to the world.

There are endless benefits to developing a daily yoga or spiritual practice. Many people know these benefits and want to create a daily practice, but perhaps don’t know what to do, how to do it, or how to maintain a daily practice long term.

In yoga, we call our daily yoga or spiritual pratice, sadhana. Here are four ways to overcome challenges on the path of sadhana so you can develop a daily practice and experience greater degrees of love, freedom, peace, and bliss in your life.


There is so much more to yoga than yoga pants and young, thin white women on Instagram tangling their bodies into funny shapes and standing on their hands. Let’s talk about The Yogi Code: 8 Limbs of Yoga. x

Meditation Sequence for Beginners

Meditation is a large part of yoga yoga lifestyle! Meditation is a beautiful gift to give yourself to experience greater degrees of peace, love, truth and bliss in your life and to liberate the mind from the enslavement and attachments to thoughts and labels.

How-To Chatarunga
How to do the Chaturanga in Vinyasa Yoga with safety and alignment. Advance your asana practice by building the foundational strength, body awareness and stability.

Grounding Meditation
This meditation is incredibly powerful when you are feeling disconnected, anxious or restless. When life gets too busy, when you find your thoughts are all over the place, or your days just feel chaotic.

Grounding is our anchor in life, and without this anchor, we float around aimlessly, tossed about by the winds and waves of life. This meditation guides you into grounding your energy, focusing your mind and connects you intimately with the love and support of Mother earth so you can feel connected, secure, clear and so incredibly calm.

Yoga Inspiration

Let’s Talk About Fear!
Tools & tips to go salsa-dancing with your fear.

The Expiry of a Passport | Alice in Wonderland | & Oysters
Consider the potential of the next 10 years of your life. If you don’t know where you’re going, great! Because any path can take you where you need to go. x

Creativity | Productivity | Spirituality
+ An update on my book “The Self Love Map.” What have you come to realize about your creative process / productivity? How do you express your creativity?