Moon Magic: Secret Knowledge of the Full Moon

There is a very deep and direct connection between the events happening in the cosmos above and those happening down here on earth.

We can scientifically understand and easily witness the changing ocean tides impacted by the gravitational pull of the moon on the water.

Now—human beings are composed of approximately 60-70% water. On a physical level, our inner fluids wax and wane based on the lunar cycle. This is why many women menstrual cycles are biologically synced with the lunar cycle. Many women (especially those who individually or culturally are deeply connected with nature and live a very natural lifestyle,) menstruate on the new moon, and ovulate when the moon is full.

In the same way, some ancient lineages of yoga are very mindful of doing physical yoga practices on the full moon, or even avoid it altogether because the change in fluids in our bodies at this time, particularly in the joints, can make us more prone to injuries.


Sometimes, we can even feel the impact that the changing moon has upon us.

Much like the connection of the lunar cycle with the fluids in nature and in our bodies, there is a very intricate connection of the cosmos with our subtle energy body.

Our subtle energy body is quite synonymous to what modern science calls our Bio-Field or Electromagnetic-Field. This subtle energy body is a concentration of Prana Shakthi— life force energy residing in our physical bodies. It is energy which has descended into the matter of a living organism which vibrates at varying frequencies. Yogic wisdom has known this for centuries— and in the Sanskrit language, we know various aspects of our subtle energy body as: the Aura, the Chakras, the Koshas and the Nadis.

These aspects of our energy body typically correspond with the unique energies of the sun or the moon.

“The central energy channel that flows from the 1st to 7th chakra, through the subtle spine, is called Sushuma Nadi. The energy channel that flows through the left side of the body is called “Ida Nadi” or “Chandra Nadi” (the current of the moon).  While the right current is called “Pingala Nadi” or “Surya Nadi” (the current of the sun). These names are not arbitrary, as they actually reflect the flow of solar and lunar light that humans absorb consciously or unconsciously from these celestial sources.”
– Ramananda Mayi (Blooming Lotus Yoga)


In wisdom traditions and cultures across the globe, the full moon is considered an auspicious time. In fact, even the Farmers Almanac recommends planting seeds on the new moon when rooting force is strong, and harvesting or transplanting on the full moon when crops are in bloom to receive the greatest yield and medicinal/nutritional potency of the crops.

In the yogic tradition, the full moon has been considered a universally sacred occasion honuored for centuries by yogis around the globe— particularly for spiritual practices.


Yoga teaches us the science of Chandra Vidya (meaning Secret Knowledge of the Moon,) and shows us how to harness the power of the lunar rays to increase vitality, mental and emotional balance, and spiritual remembrance.

Of all the lunar phases, the full moon night is considered most powerful for spiritual practices to balance the mind because of the very particular alignment of the sun below us, and moon above us—exactly opposite of one another.

At exactly midnight on a full moon night, the moon is directly above us on the earth, and pulls the lunar energy of the body upwards. Meanwhile, the sun is directly below us on earth, pulling the solar energy downwards towards the base of the spine.
“The effect of this… is that the brain is soaked with lunar rays of the moon both from above as well as from within. This makes the mind calmer, clearer, and more concentrated. Yogis report an increased state of inner peace, vitality, and lucidity as a by product.” – 
Ramananda Mayi (Blooming Lotus Yoga)

Sacred times, indeed! At full moon time time, the energy of the sun and moon are in perfect balance and harmony in the cosmos. This acts as a catalyst and supports us in finding our own inner balance and harmony.

“This gravitational alignment super-charges the earth with an abundance of high cosmic energy. This energy is invisible and imperceptible to us and although we may not be aware of it, our own biological and energetic rhythms are nonetheless deeply affected by it.” – Ramananda Mayi (Blooming Lotus Yoga)


This full moon, we invite you to try:

1. Moon Bathing:
Go outside at night and bathe in the magical lunar rays above and within.

2. Meditate:
Take time to be still. Meditate— charge the body with beneficial cosmic energy and experience increased states of inner peace, vitality and lucidity.

3. Pranayama: The link between the body and mind is the breath. The breath specifically regulates the pranic currents that flow through the subtle energetic body. Specifically, at full moon time, the pranayama (breathing technique,) Nadi Shodhana is particularly beneficial as it helps to balance both the sun and moon energy channels, which balances both hemispheres of the brain for greater mental balance and clarity.

Learn Nadi Shodhana here.

4. Yoga Asana: Try a few slow, mindful, meditative rounds of Chandra Namaskar (Moon Salutations) to connect with the lunar rhythms within and above. Follow along here.

4. Chant Mantra: Try this lunar mantra to connect with the moon and the magical lunar energies. ~ Om Aim Klim Somaya Namaha ~ Ps. See if you can chant this mantra 3, 9, 27, 54, or 108 times for extra auspiciousness!

5. Connect with intentions: In yoga, we call our deepest, heartfelt intentions that resonate with Spirit, Sankapla. We can use the moons brilliance to help guide our souls intentions and amplify our manifestations that bring us closer to the remembrance of our own divine nature and interconnectedness. Use this auspicious time for reflection and setting soulful intentions!


Explore your interconnectedness with the cosmos and all beings everywhere this full moon. Experience deep inner peace, balance and harmony within and without. Recharge your body and mind, and reconnect with the spiritual consciousness that pervades us all.

Happy Full Moon, loves! Ps. Mark your calendar for 2016/2017 full moon dates in your area here!

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